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You Don't Need A Laptop To Become An Online Entrepreneur

A lot people think that in order to succeed and become an online entrepreneur or Netpreneur as some call you, you need a laptop and a whole lot of sophisticated software. While that is true for large business owners, but starting out, you really don't need to go out of the way in order to startup something. The advent of smartphone has made it easy for anyone to be successful online, because most things that were limited to PC users can now be done with ease with a smartphone.
We all have smartphones and statistics show that over 90% of smartphone users access the internet daily. Most of us do not know the extent to which our smartphones can be used to make us more productive while earning a decent living. In this post, I will go in depth on the ways anybody can build a career online using their smartphone, all that is required is passion and the drive to succeed. Before we get started, Let me quickly define a few terms.
Online Entrepreneur (Netpreneur) An entrepreneur is an indiv…