Flutterwave Review: All you need to know About The Online Payment Platform

Online security has been a top issue in our digital world today. We all know that virtually everything can be done online presently and while it seems promising and exciting, it also poses great threats because of the tendency for cybercrime in our data-driven world. The amount of information exposed to many online platforms poses a security risk and breach of the privacy of internet users across the world.
The movement of currency from one place or country to another has been a challenge in many developing countries, using Nigeria as a case study. Due to this challenge, two Nigerians thought it wise to develop a platform (flutterwave.com) that will enable payment and payment gateway implementation in Nigeria and across the world. Prior to now, popular platforms that accept and send payments such as PayPal, Stripe etc were restricted to some countries, including Nigeria. 
This post analyzes Flutterwave as an organization, its achievements, and cons and also suggests possible strategies to help spread the word out and increase its client base.

History of Flutterwave

Flutterwave is an online payment platform founded in 2016 by Iyinoluwa Aboyeji and Olugbenga Agboola. Since its inception, they have experienced massive growth and are focused on accepting payments, making payouts and managing business funds from one integrated platform that helps users connect globally. 
Flutterwave processes billions around the world and is arguably the most reliable and trusted payment partner of most Nigerian businesses. Popular digital service providers such as Uber, Nairabox, Accessbet, Max.ng along with over1000 other businesses trust Flutterwave in terms of managing online transactions.


Flutterwave has two major products; Barter and Rave. Let’s take a moment to analyze each product.
Barter is a payment platform designed to help users focus more on enjoying life and less on how to spend, spend and borrow money. The barter team handles this process for its clients and is trusted by more than 30,000 users.
Rave by Flutterwave is considered as one of the easiest ways to make and accept payments from customers anywhere in the world. Their payment solution makes it easier with secure and reliable tools. Whether you need a simple payment link or to manage payouts for hundreds of people, they have tools designed to help you completely integrate global payments platform at your fingertips.


In terms of advertising their products, I would say they are doing a good job and have a good digital marketing team. 
However, I noticed that they give little regard to their YouTube channel. And considering how visual content has been consumed online lately, targeting more users through YouTube will in no doubt increase their client base.


For the short while I have known about Flutterwave and its various products, I have been able to use the Barter platform. And I must say the platform looks very promising, easy to navigate, with a good User Interface. Also, funds are received almost immediately they are sent out which is what most users want from such platforms. They also support payment of TV subscriptions, data and airtime purchase from top network providers in Nigeria.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this report, I have not used their Rave by Flutterwave yet. But from the reviews I have seen online, the platform is as good as they say it is. Otherwise, large business owners would not have patronized them and still continue using their platform to process more transactions. If you are still searching for a reliable platform to handle your finances, I can confidently say that the Flutterwave range of products got you covered for all your business transactions.


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