Thursday, April 4, 2019 Review | My Experience So Far (Bug Report)

We all love to travel and have dream vacation in big cities, either at our home nation or abroad. Looking for places to go for vacation just got easy with

About Timbu provides temporary accommodation of all types, which include event halls, motels, hotels, apartments, etc. The provision of these services are found on the website through which you can book for your chosen service. By placing a reservation through us, you enter into a legally binding agreement with the direct service provider (hotel and the likes) with which your reservation is made to. Right after your reservation is placed, acts simply as a mediator between you and the service provider.

The website is still in its beta stage. However, If you are looking for a reliable flight booking and recommendation company with quality service and good customer care, then it would be best to try out

After going through the website on both mobile and desktop, I must say the website is quite impressive on desktop view. However, when I opened the website on my mobile device, the first thing that got my eyes was that the drop-down menu button on mobile appears to be broken and doesn't drop-down to show list of menu not following the mobile first design rule.

Also, when I navigated to other pages on the website, there wasn't a search box on the site for easy navigation, considering majority of users are on mobile always and prefer to search for things rather than navigate through it. 

My review of the website after going through I would advice the owners of the site to look in these issues which may seem small, but can affect the quality of service and reviews clients will give after going through the website.

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