Blogging And Social Media Made Easy With Ziki App

Ever wanted to start a blog to share ideas and create engaging contents while building a connection with friends and followings? Read through this post and learn an easy to use platform that combines blogging and social media.

Some people tend to get discouraged when trying to start a blog with little upfront capital because of the vast technical knowledge required to create a blog on the popular blogging platforms. Which include; knowledge of servers and domain name, also a little bit of programming knowledge in Frontend technologies is required.

Security is of the essence to users, which is why people get discouraged when they find out their privacy is been bridged by third-party applications.

Introducing Ziki App. Your one-stop choice for the best blogging experience. Below are some of the features of the Ziki App.

1. Ads Free Platform: No annoying popups

2. Privacy: No one will ever tamper with your data. Ziki operates on a flat file system that stores your data on your custom domain. No intrusions, no breaches, no leaks- your data is truly yours.

3. You get a domain unique to your blog.

4. Connect with friends and grow your following right on your social media handle.

5. Unique feed aggregator streamlines which simplifies your Ziki feed subscriptions to deliver personalized content in one place.

The world is constantly changing and new technologies are emerging daily. Ziki is the next big thing when it comes to blogging and social media. Although still in its beta stage Ziki has more features than listed above. Take advantage of this opportunity to be one of the beta testers of the app by joining the waiting list. Visit

The team Behind Ziki
Ziki is being built by a team of young Nigerian Programmers who are passionate about simplifying and securing user data and privacy when it comes to blogging. Currently we are looking for donors To Help fast track the completion of the project. To donate, visit the website and click on donate. Any amount will be appreciated.


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