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Startup Challenges And FAQ || Interview Session With NEO

Ever thought of starting a business or building a brand, but you are scared of launching out? Technology has made it easy for anyone to startup and reach their target audience with little or no upfront capital. Below is an interview session carried out on HNG Internship - A remote internship sponsored by - NEO a software engineer answers major startup questions and challenges.


About NEO
Neo Ighodaro is the former CTO of and currently a senior software engineer in Germany. He is the Founder CreativityKills and cofounder HNG Internship. He is here to provide insight on completing a product, getting them live and commercializing them.

I am from team Dragon Beast, I have two questions
1. How do you make sure everyone is aligned in your company, and all working towards the same goal?
2. My team has a remote job platform, Should we sell subscription for updates on available jobs, or make people pa…

Blogging And Social Media Made Easy With Ziki App

Ever wanted to start a blog to share ideas and create engaging contents while building a connection with friends and followings? Read through this post and learn an easy to use platform that combines blogging and social media.

Some people tend to get discouraged when trying to start a blog with little upfront capital because of the vast technical knowledge required to create a blog on the popular blogging platforms. Which include; knowledge of servers and domain name, also a little bit of programming knowledge in Frontend technologies is required.

Security is of the essence to users, which is why people get discouraged when they find out their privacy is been bridged by third-party applications.

Introducing Ziki App. Your one-stop choice for the best blogging experience. Below are some of the features of the Ziki App.

1. Ads Free Platform: No annoying popups

2. Privacy: No one will ever tamper with your data. Ziki operates on a flat file system that stores your …